EP Review: Krilloan – Stories Of Times Forgotten (Stormspell Records)

Klas Holmgren hails from Älmhult, Sweden and started the Krilloan project a year ago with a “..what does this button do?” attitude. He had no clue. Traditional power meta/heavy metal in high speed, with epic guitar solos and songs about epic things was the goal.

The combination of willpower and the lifelong love of melodic metal resulted in this roaring 5-track EP that has been described as a combination of old Hammerfall/Helloween/Blind Guardian.

Stories of Time Forgotten will be released on May 21st 2021.

Credit where it’s due, what Klas Holmgren set out to achieve with Krilloan he has certainly accomplished. Five tracks of power-driven, heavy-metal focused epic music. The stuff that makes you feel grander, helps your step quicken and encourages tributes to the gods of heavy freaking metal.

Not quite power metal and not quite traditional heavy metal, Stories of Time Forgotten sits squarely but comfortably in between the two. The blazing guitar riffs and solos of Into the Storm balanced with grand vocals and epic melody. A track that can you can easily head-bang too.

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If you’re after a singalong though, it’s the thrilling power metal glory of Yggdrasil that you need to worship. The vocals are so strong here and it results in a chorus that just slays. A wonderful effort that Fireborn was always going to have trouble following. That being said, the energetic riffs and ‘call to arms’ drum rhythm certainly isn’t lacking in fire.

Moonblade comes next and is, unsurprisingly, as frenetic and fast as always. Exactly what Krilloan are so good at and exactly what any fan of heavy music should be happy to hear. Another strong effort which leads to the end and Times Forgotten. Where a flurry of guitars cuts through the gloom of a darkening memory. The epic build of the vocals, the tempo shifts and constantly thumping drum beat ensures this EP goes out with a mighty bang.

A mighty big bang.

Krilloan – Stories of Time Forgotten Full Track Listing:

1. Into the Storm
2. Yggdrasil
3. Fireborn
4. Moonblade
5. Times Forgotten


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Krilloan - Stories Of Times Forgotten (Stormspell Records)
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