EP Review: Kill the Idealist – The Unholy One (Self Released)

Kill the Idealist is a melodic death metal band from central Ohio. Mixing elements of melodic death metal, black metal, thrash, tech and old school death metal. Their debut EP ‘The Unholy One’ was released in March 2020.



With feverish passion, Kill the Idealist aim to forcefully push themselves into the public’s eyes with a debut that ticks all the right boxes for punchy and aggressive metal. Focusing on an ordered but crushing style of death, black and thrash, there is no ignoring the utter savagery on show here.

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Blast beats, ripping and tearing riffs, guttural and throat shredding vocals, it’s all here and done impressively well. However, there’s a bit more to Kill the Idealist that helps them stand out from the pack. Technical flair to the guitars, some surprisingly catchy melodies and proficiency all throughout. The title track is a great example of all of this.

It’s a strong debut that will certainly have some of the mainstays of the metal genre nervously looking over their shoulders.

Kill the Idealist – The Unholy One Full Track Listing:

1. Prelude to Tragedy
2. The Demise of Augustine
3. The Unholy One
4. Years of Silence
5. Echoes
6. Leviathan


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Kill the Idealist – The Unholy One (Self Released)
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