EP Review: Into Pandemonium – Darkest Rise (Self Released)

Into Pandemonium is a 6 piece Extreme Metal band that seeks to blend elements from all over the spectrums of extreme and melodic metal. The band draws on its influences from Black Metal, Technical Death Metal and Atmospheric Black Metal, to create an atmosphere that is as unique as it is dark.

The band aims to bring a performance that is just as energetic as it is atmospheric setting the tones with lighting and choreographed stage performances.

Their debut EP will be out on January 31st 2020 and is called Darkest Rise.

Taking its time, the title track builds upwards and in volume, slowly degenerating into a heavier sound. The guitars and drums change tact and effectively ambushes the listener. It’s a short intro as it’s the pit of noise on Becoming that really heralds their arrival.

With a much richer and deeper sound, Becoming is a disgraceful whirlwind of blackened death and technical metal. Evil in audio form, Violent Uprising is every bit as vile and twisted as any fan of extreme metal could hope for.

Like ever-lasting demonic torture, Sound of Perfidy twists the screws tighter and tighter until your pleas for mercy are nothing but blubbering cries. La Morte isn’t there to give any relief either, the vocals filled with twisted purity as one style screeches and howls while the other reaches down deep for a guttural level of noise.

Fallen and Fathomless wrap up a very strong showing from Into Pandemonium. The former’s desperate and hungry power built on a foundation of huge riffs. While the latter is an eerie and darkened finale with some touches of melody. Both showcase the strength that grows in this band as the EP goes on. This is a pretty special release.

Into Pandemonium – Darkest Rise Full Track Listing:

1. Darkest Rise
2. Becoming
3. Violent Uprising
4. Sound of Perfidy
5. La Morte
6. Fallen
7. Fathomless




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Into Pandemonium - Darkest Rise (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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