EP Review: Inklings – Piece by Piece (Marshall Records)

Kier Kemp is Inklings. After his departure from the globally popular alt-rock group FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers) his emphasis has now moved to thought provoking lyrics accompanied by heavy synth and guitar lines. Alongside compelling visuals Inklings’ unique sound and energetic live performance exudes confidence.

Following his success with previous single release ‘Ambush’ and a sold-out London show, Kier is now releasing ‘Piece By Piece’ a 6 track EP on Marshall Records.

‘Piece By Piece’ is available on 10th May via Marshall Records.

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Credit: Scott Chalmers

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of indie rock but in that genre, you do need to work harder to stand out. Being more than just a bland, sickly marshmallow offering takes talent and happily Inklings have it.

We were already aware of this having listened too and reviewed their previously released single, Ambush. A track we enjoyed and the review can be read here. It’s that same song that kicks of Piece by Piece, following a very short intro.

A nice mix of rich vocals, melodies and rockier moments. It’s a good track, not great but good. However, Let Me Know You’re Alright is a great track. Catchy as hell, the rhythm gets the foot tapping along. The pensive verses flowing wonderfully in the high energy chorus and the guitars really shining. A solo comes out of nowhere and will put a silly smile on the face.

It’s back to a more mellow sound with Settle Down but it’s not bland. Instead the emotive beginning pulls at the strings of the soul before the beat picks up just a tad more leading to a really uplifting middle. Another banger from Inklings and the effect they have going on in the background here is pretty damn great.

Keeping things light and ‘indie’, Holding On keeps things on the right path with another excellent chorus. It’s these had often show off more imagination from Inklings as they take it up a gear into much rockier territory.

Piece by Piece then ends in the warmest way possible with Answers. A slow and very chilled out finish, pretty much nailing the finish as there really aren’t any other tracks like this on the EP. A really nice surprise as indie rock isn’t an area of music we often dip my toe into but Inklings are certainly one worth swimming with.

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Inklings – Piece by Piece Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Ambush
3. Let Me Know You’re Alright
4. Settle Down
5. Holding On
6. Answers

Head over to Inklings website to find out more.

Inklings – Piece by Piece (Marshall Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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