EP Review: Inferiem – Inferiem (Self Released)

Based in Glasgow, Inferiem is a young up-and-coming metal band comprised of 5 unique and passionate musicians. The lineup was completed in February 2018 and debuted in April opening for Titan Breed, they left a lasting impression in the local scene and have only grown stronger. Taking influences from Architects to Killswitch Engage to Gojira, expect a melodic yet brutal soundscape to assault your ears.

They released their debut self titled EP last month.

Inferiem 1

Four tracks of raging heavy metal groove designed to loosen the neck muscles and show you just what a exciting prospect this young band is.

A punchy start comes in the form of Kill the Poison, the ferocity on show coming to a flesh-bubbling boil almost immediately and not simmering down for even a second. It’s a searing pot of crunchy riffing, teeth-gnashing hooks and meaty drumming covered thickly in savage vocals.

Up next is the depths that Bury Me opens leaving most gasping for air. Depths that unleash suffocating heaviness and the grooviest of rhythms. This is one of those tracks that sounds great on record but you know is going to be twice as good live. It seems designed for one thing and one thing alone, open up a pit.

The Fall then changes things up a little with a nice sprinkling of melody driven guitars. The ups and downs of this track really doing the job. Props to the thumping drum beat too.

Finally, wrapping up an impressive debut, Inferiem Roll the Dice. That might make it sound like they’re about to take a chance by doing something unexpected but that’s not the case. Instead the final track on the EP might be the wildest and most intense of the bunch. It’s a total ‘lose your mind’ track and a slap of aggression to the face in all the right ways.

Watch out pretenders, Inferiem are coming for your paper crown.

Inferiem – Inferiem Full Track Listing:

1. Kill the Poison
2. Bury Me
3. The Fall
4. Roll the Dice


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Inferiem - Inferiem (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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