EP Review: Imperium – When Kings Meet (Self Released)

Following in the wake of the Iron Thunder single, comes ‘When Kings Meet’, the new EP from London, UK metal warriors, Imperium. It will be released on September 23rd, 2023.

Imperium’s rise through the metal ranks continues to delight, but not amaze. That’s only because once you hear what they have to offer, it’s clear that their dominance is inevitable. Be it on record or live, the group’s groovy and excitable heaviness is impossible to ignore and with the release of this EP, the chorus of voices shouting about them is only going to increase in number and volume.

It’s a heavyweight start with the title track as the groovy rhythms and defiant heaviness demands you bang your head. The gruff passionate vocals working brilliantly with thrash-infused riffs and thundering drumbeats. Then, just over the halfway point, things get really manic. It puts a big, silly smile on the face. It’s a killer track and the perfect showcase of who Imperium are.

Desperate Screams is up next and here, Imperium up the tempo and deliver something that makes the heart race. All while having one hell of an anthemic chorus too. Then along comes Capable of Murder, a track that sees Imperium really lean into their thrashy side and a track that seems tailor made for a live crowd to lose their s**t to.

Finally, it’s the previously released single, Iron Thunder. An absolute head-banger that is groovy as hell, fiery and energetic, meaty and infectious. It is a riffy track that quickly grabs the attention in a ‘circle pit mayhem’ creating way. Yet, as it goes on, Imperium show off some thrashier tones, and throw in a frenzied guitar solo to just make the whole experience that much more wonderful.

The EP isn’t quite over just yet though, as Imperium take the listener back to Bloodstock 2022 when they smashed it on the New Blood stage. Showcasing two live tracks (Capable of Murder and When Kings Meet) from the festival that year. If you weren’t there, it’s a great way to hear what these tracks sound like live and if you were, you get relieve one of the best sets from that year’s Bloodstock.

Onwards and upwards, Imperium.

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Imperium – When Kings Meet Track Listing:

1. When Kings Meet
2. Desperate Screams
3. Capable Of Murder
4. Iron Thunder
5. Capable Of Murder (Live at Bloodstock Festival 2022)
6. When Kings Meet (Live at Bloodstock Festival 2022)


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Imperium - When Kings Meet (Self Released)
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