EP Review: Annisokay – Abyss Pt I (Arising Empire)

German metalcore powerhouse Annisokay will release their new EP ‘Abyss Pt I’ on September 22nd, 2023, via Arising Empire.

Continuing on from their transformative fifth album ‘Aurora’, Annisokay are back to remind listeners why they are such an exciting metalcore act. Abyss Pt I is another slice of emphatic excellence, beginning with an atmospheric intro called Into the Abyss, before hitting a meaty and melodic high with Human. A track that is liable to get the head-banging, but one that also features a massively harmonious chorus. It’s a catchy example of this band’s capabilities but also proof that when they want to go hard, they can go really freaking hard.

Ultraviolet is then just as anthemic, with a massive rhythm section, melody led, and with another impressive chorus. Before Throne of the Sunset sees Annisokay really pushing their intensity to another level and infusing a ton of classy atmosphere in the track. Once again, the chorus is pure fire, and it might be the most brash and brilliant track on the EP.

Calamity is pretty special too though, a take on German pop star Leony’s hit single ‘Remedy’. Where Annisokay deliver infectious melodies, powerful vocals, and robust heavy groove. It’s certainly an alteration of the original song.

Then, finally, it’s Time and one last gargantuan example of modernised and accessible metalcore from Annisokay. Where rampant vitality and boisterous heaviness combines with powerful melodies. The final stamp of quality on an EP that is impressively dynamic and undeniably exciting.

Annisokay – Abyss Pt I Track Listing:

1. Into The Abyss
2. Human
3. Ultraviolet
4. Throne Of The Sunset
5. Calamity
6. Time


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Annisokay - Abyss Pt I (Arising Empire)
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