EP Review: Illucia – 111 (Self Released)

A traditional heavy metal band, from Bangalore, India, Illucia was founded in 2014. A trio, strongly inspired by the titans of heavy metal, such as Saxon, Omen, King Diamond, Accept, Manowar, Judas Priest, Dio, etc.

Having performed live throughout the last 5 years, whilst prepping and recording original material, they have now unleashed their debut 6 track EP, ‘111’. Combining the traditional sound of old school heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll, ‘111’ aims to get your metal taste buds frothing.

Cutting out the backstories, history and all other BS, 111 simply put, is a concept-based EP that is meant to ask questions. Without such inquisitions, we might as well be blinded by authority, bound to our own psyches, never to unchain our blanketed potentials. 111 is about strength in connection and power within different paradigms.



A poignant and pretty intro, acoustic with string instruments, there is no way to gauge just what kind of band Illucia are with this start. However, once Lucy gets going, there is no stopping her.

Fast, heavy and rough as if it’s been captured in the live environment. The sharpness of the riffs combine with some echoing drums and old-school heavy metal vocals. It thrums with vibrancy.

Seraph Fiend is even more of a step up, the opening riffing really impressing before the speed gets going. The frantic nature of the rhythm well and truly fitting with the rough production. There’s a darker Judas Priest vibe to this track, no bad thing as comparisons go.

Then we get the title track and The High Priest. The former keeping the EP strong with Illucia’s excellent riffage and the latter is salaciously hard rocking. The addictive riffing and groovy beat really standing out.

Finally Decimation of the Circle races away at the start before scaling things back and re-building towards frantic riffs, thunderous drums and a mellow, melodic outro.

As we’ve said a few times…it’s rough but this isn’t music you expect to becoming out of the metal side of India so it sounds like a breath of fresh air. Great job and a band well worth keeping a close eye on going forward.

Illucia – 111 Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Lucy
3. Seraph Fiend
4. 111
5. The High Priest
6. Decimation Of The Circle (D.O.T.C)


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Illucia - 111 (Self Released)
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