Album Review: Torpor – Rhetoric of the Image (Truthseeker Music/Sludgelord Recordings/ Moment of Collapse Records/Smiths Food Group/Medusa Crush Records)

Torpor formed in 2012, their 2015 debut ‘From Nothing Comes Everything’ was a mere hint of what was to come, a larval combination of hooky riffs, hardcore screams and more experimental dynamics – the only elements that would survive the seven years hence. Winnowing down to a three piece, something that would cripple lesser bands gave Torpor a more vital edge. 2016’s split with Bristol’s answer to Neurosis, Sonance, saw the band transformed into a more considered form – world-striding riffs and tectonic rhythms explored as a slow-burn over long form track lengths.

And then, we waited. Three long years passed as the trio threw themselves into the subterranean depths of the UK live heavy music scene, exploring the limits of their suffocating sound in venues that could barely contain the scopic weight. New tracks rose to the surface like scalding, viscid bubbles of tar, ideas hammered into shapes ever more towering.

And now, a rich reward – new album ‘Rhetoric of the Image. It will be released on 20th September 2019 digitally (band) and on DLP as a co-release between Truthseeker Music (UK), Sludgelord Records (UK), Moment of Collapse Records (DE), Smiths Food Group (NL) & Medusa Crush Rcordings(CAN).

Like tectonic plates smashing together, Benign Circle is the sound of crushing destruction and devastation. Rumbling guitars, ferocious vocals and bludgeoning drums, this is the weightiest of weights tied around your ankle dragging you to dark depths.

Drifting in the cold and lightless world, a drop into melancholy almost makes it feel peaceful and serene. Then a chilling tentacle warps around the ankle as the madness of the latter part of the track comes to fruition.

Swirling pain and suffering, Two Heads on Gold is next. Offering no protection from the personalised and violent assault of the following Enigmatic Demand. A hulking wave of noise that washes over slowly but effectively dulling the senses until nothing feels real anymore.

The penultimate track, Mouths Full of Water, Throats Full of Ice is short and atmospheric noise set up to split apart the former track and the following emotionally charged and depressive epic that is Mourning the Real.

Even when the tempo increases and that gooey and filthy sludge sound takes over, it’s still incredibly dark sounding. The final melodic moments a truly outstanding moment not just from this track but the album as a whole.

Torpor – Rhetoric of the Image Full Track Listing:

1. Benign Circle
2. Two Heads on Gold
3. Enigmatic Demand
4. Mouths Full of Water, Throats Full of Ice
5. Mourning the Real




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Torpor - Rhetoric of the Image (Truthseeker Music/Sludgelord Recordings/ Moment of Collapse Records/Smiths Food Group/Medusa Crush Records)
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