EP Review: Holding Absence & Alpha Wolf: The Lost & The Longing (SharpTone Records/Greyscale Records)

Post-hardcore/rock band Holding Absence have teamed up with metalcore band Alpha Wolf to release The Lost & The Longing. A four-track split EP, that consists of two collaborations and two new tracks, out on August 15th via SharpTone Records and Greyscale Records.

Two of the hottest modern metal and rock bands, this is a collaboration that just makes so much sense. Fans of both bands will love this, even more so, when you take into account that two of the tracks see them team up. The first of which is 60cm of Steel, a blistering and bristling blast of metalcore, the chorus is very catchy, the more melodious side of Holding Absence adding some restrain to Alpha Wolf’s heavy sound.

There’s no restrain with Hotel Underground though, where Alpha Wolf create a dangerous environment with an explosive blast of heaviness. A beast of a track and one of the most uninhibited Alpha Wolf tracks heard to date.

It’s Holding Absence’s turn now, kicking off their portion of the EP with Aching Longing, a more frenetic track from this band as it features Alpha Wolf. Who add some bite to what is a melodic rock bout of catchiness, with just enough energy to make you want to move.

Similar to Alpha Wolf’s sole track, Holding Absence delve into their bag of tricks for Coffin and deliver a really heartfelt and melodramatic rock hit.

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The Lost & The Longing is an awesome release that shows how much talent is in each band and how their different styles can combine to make something pretty special sounding.

Holding Absence & Alpha Wolf – The Lost & The Longing Full Track Listing:

1. 60cm of Steel (Alpha Wolf feat. Holding Absence)
2. Hotel Underground (Alpha Wolf)
3. Aching Longing (Holding Absence feat. Alpha Wolf)
4. Coffin (Holding Absence)


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Holding Absence & Alpha Wolf: The Lost & The Longing (SharpTone Records/Greyscale Records)
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