Album Review: Unprocessed – Gold (Airforce1/Spinefarm Records)

Creating an entirely new genre of their own combining progressive guitar driven music with pop and electronica, the German quartet that is Unprocessed represents a new evolution of modern progressive metal as shown in their new album, ‘Gold’, which releases on August 12th 2022 via Airforce1/Spinefarm Records.

The band says this about the album:

Both joyful and devastating experiences had their impact on the music and lyrics of GOLD. A lot of influences are displayed in a way in which we believe no one has ever interpreted modern guitar-driven music before. The result of these songs is that the music fully expresses our emotions across various topics and both instrumentally and vocally this is who we are as Unprocessed today. We hope that these songs have a lasting impact on those who hear it. The lyrics are intended for the listener to find their own demons and strengths within.”

The album ‘GOLD’ consists of 16 tracks and each of them has their own identity and character. Our new album is what we feel is our most diverse album to date, and we stand behind our creative choices 100%. Every song is pure UNPROCESSED, and every song is vulnerable in its own way.

There’s a lot to get through here, so buckle in. Unprocessed are aiming for the stars with this album, and times, they hit those heights.

Opening this mammoth album with instant eccentricity, Rain’s soft guitar melodies and pop-style singing is intriguing, but it’s a grower. Sounding more necessary as it goes on, Unprocessed begin to develop the progressive edge they have. Expecting an uptick in energy? Think again. Redwine keeps a mellow tempo but layers in effects up until around the halfway point, when unexpectedly, a crash of instrumentation heavies’ things up momentarily.

On these first two tracks, you can learn a lot about Unprocessed, but they really are just getting started. The Longing follows on with a sense of urgency and the guitars get exceptionally technical. An outstanding piece of music reaches new heights with some explosive heaviness that sees Unprocessed reach into the ‘core’ bag of tricks.

It’s a tough ask for Orange Groove to follow that, especially as it’s one of the more unassuming tracks on the album. Yet, it doesn’t do any harm and the crooning vocal portions sound quite nice. Mint and Snake come next; the former with passion outbursts that feel raw and real. Whereas the latter is smooth, dramatic sounding and instrumentally disordered.

It’s Closer and Velvet that take Gold to the halfway point with Unprocessed continuing to show just how eclectic their music is. Talk about showmanship, this band are on fine form.

No major shifts in the second half, just more Unprocessed ‘gold’ as they deliver melodious punches, progressive kicks, and electronica-driven slaps. Scorpio lacks anything of note, but they bring it back for Dinner, a track that is begins in a frenzy but mellows out quite nicely. Still, extremely eccentric but that’s par for the course at this stage of the album. Expect the unexpected with Unprocessed.

There’s a real sense that Gold will have much wider appeal than first initially expected at this stage. The crossover potential is extremely high. Further proof of this comes with the scathing blend of metal and pop that comes from the animated The Game. Where the riffs have a bit more of a serrated edge, but the peppy vocals and electronica infusion makes it less bloody.

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Exhausted? Unprocessed have plenty more in the tank and with the depths of Ocean, the grit and honesty of Fabulist, the reflective Portrait and enigmatic Berlin, the band continue to push and push. Credit where credit is due, there’s no denying that Unprocessed have pushed themselves to the brink here.

It’s paid off as Gold is sure to be a massive hit for them. The cherry on top being the blend of melodrama that comes from the title track. Unprocessed ending things as they begun but still showing that anything and everything is possible when they put their minds to it.

Unprocessed – Gold Full Track Listing:

1. Rain
2. Redwine
3. The Longing
4. Orange Grove
5. Mint
6. Snake
7. Closer
8. Velvet
9. Scorpio
10. Dinner
11. The Game
12. Ocean
13. Fabulist
14. Portrait
15. Berlin
16. Gold


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Unprocessed - Gold (Airforce1/Spinefarm Records)
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