EP Review: Her Despair – Exorcisms of Eroticism (Self Released)

There’s a lot to be gloomy about in 2019, and here to provide the soundtrack to these grim and desperate times are Her Despair. Taking their inspirations from the heyday of goth rock, the UK sextet bring these up to the modern era with their own twist. After an exceptionally successful EP entitled Mournography, which garnered the band copious amounts of international attention, they are back with their third release, Exorcisms of Eroticism. To be released on November 22nd.

A surprisingly upbeat listen, the gothic tones of Her Despair reflects the mood of a collective. One that prays for darkness but does so in a catchy and memorable way. That’s very evident on the opener, Pandaemonium which blends light synth with a deeper rhythm.

The following track, The Exorcism sees Her Despair draw from the soul of The 69 Eyes with a rocking goth-club banger. Then follow that with the unbelievably catchy In That Moment. The mellow miserableness of it all is quite touching.

The upbeat pep of Like A Crucifixion follows that and will genuinely put a smile on most faces. It’s daringly bouncy and so catchy, it should be illegal. Of course, after such energy it’s time to take it down a notch for the misery of Beyond the Veil before Her Despair lays down Final Rest for an emotional ballad-style finale.

A very strong finale for an EP that is so much fun.

Her Despair – Exorcisms of Eroticism Full Track Listing:

1. Pandaemonium
2. The Exorcism
3. In That Moment
4. Like A Crucifixion
5. Beyond the Veil
6. Final Rest




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Her Despair - Exorcisms of Eroticism (Self Released)
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