EP Review: Her Despair – Mournography (Self Released)

Her Despair formed in 2015 and began as a solo project with the release of debut album ‘Hymns for the Hopeless’. Showcasing the melodramatic sound and aesthetic of gothic music with the accessibility of punk and the stylings of heavy metal, the solo studio project has subsequently evolved into the current full line-up.

Out on July 20th 2018, Mournography is the brand new follow-up EP and first as a full-fledged band.

Mournography 2

Bringing the desolate feeling to the forefront, Her Despair’s new EP is filled with all manner of gothic tones, haunted vocals and surprisingly metal rhythm. The melancholic vocals and lyrics shouldn’t work with the more rocking beats but the two fit so perfectly together it seems impossible for them not to be side by side.

A killer opener with Blaspheme With Me is followed up by the equally as impressive Valentine’s Mourning and the slower and darker tone of Within Tragedy.



Her Despair, regardless of the mournful style, are an exciting band to listen too because they are fairly unique. The punkish accessibility of Mournography makes it far more appealing then many other ‘goth’ style bands. This is music that won’t be forgotten in an instant.

Look no further than the pacier effort that is Damnation Tonight and the morose effort that is In the Arms of a Sadist. The latter’s simple, repetitive guitar and drum combo gets under the skin and when it does hit with a bit more force it just enhances and adds layers to an already great tune.

Mournography 1

Her Despair – Mournography Full Track Listing:

1. Blaspheme With Me
2. Valentine’s Mourning
3. Within Tragedy
4. Damnation Tonight
5. In the Arms of a Sadist

You can listen too/buy Blaspheme With Me now via Bandcamp where the rest of the EP will available too. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page.


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Her Despair - Mournography (Self Released)
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