EP Review: Heads for the Dead – In The Absence Of Faith (Pulverised Records)

Horror-fused death metallers Heads For The Dead unleash a fresh stench in the form of a five-track offering inspired by some of the most influential horror/thriller films of our time. Called ‘In the Absence of Faith’, the new EP will be released on the 1st of September via Pulverised Records.

Horror and death metal go hand in hand and Heads for the Dead utilise the comfortable position within the Venn diagram that they sit, to make something brutal and twisted. This new EP features five tracks inspired by horror and thriller classics. Each telling their own story and showcasing an extreme level of death metal intensity and cinematic detail.

Hooky and heavy, it’s a heart-racing and blood-pumping start with Heart of Darkness, before the immensely clever layers of Taste of Terror sends shivers down the spine. Followed by something more melodic and dramatic in The God Forsaken, Heads for the Dead showcasing those delightful different sides of themselves. Before Self-Immolation in Fire burns slowly at first, but with intensity, turning into a blazing showcase of grand and garish death metal as it goes on.

Finally, it’s the chilling violence of Possession to see out the EP, Heads for the Dead making it very clear what iconic horror movie inspired this track with the opening melody. Aside from that familiar tune, this is a meaty and mouthy example of how hard and heavy this band can go without compromising on hooks.

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Heads for the Dead – In The Absence Of Faith Track Listing:

1. Heart of Darkness
2. Taste of Terror
3. The God Forsaken
4. Self-Immolation in Fire
5. Possession


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Heads for the Dead - In The Absence Of Faith (Pulverised Records)
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