Interview: The Phantom Rockets (Written)

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life bring you an interview with hard-hitting rock power-trio, The Phantom Rockets.

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1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to chat to us. First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started.

(Mattia) Thank you guys for having us! We’re a band that started this journey as a duo (me and Stefano) and after a few singles we felt the need to expand our way of making music, so we thought that Alberto as a bass player would’ve been perfect for the band to evolve and here we are, new music is coming real soon and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

2. Someone comes to you and asks you to sum up what kind of music you play – what do you tell them?

Well, come to the gig, have a beer and tell us what you think! Ahah. I don’t like to put labels on music genres and stuff but, i think we can be a sort of a mix between this new wave of “Jersey-Sound” with some good ol’ Heartland-Americana.

3. What’s currently going on in your camp? New releases? Tours? Etc.

Our new single Come Undone is out now! You can find it on every streaming platform as well as the new official video we shot.

New EP is on the way also, 4 new tracks we’re really proud of, so keep an eye on our social media to find out when! Obviously we can’t wait to share this new music live as much as we can.

4. What has been the most positive experience of making music to date for you?

Oh the most positive experience you can have making music it’s all about you and your bandmates, seeing a new song shape its form and growing little by little is something unpayable. Doing it with your friends is what makes it even precious.

5. Likewise, what has been some of the more challenging aspects and how have you overcome them?

Well everyone of us plays music since the teenage times so, I think what makes it difficult now is that new reality where music doesn’t come first. All that power to social-media is really putting music “in the corner” even if you play music. It looks like now reels, posts, stories and stuff are more important than the effort of making good music, writing a good song or playing at your best gig.

6. How do you handle the modern expectations of being in a band? Always online, having to put out content constantly, your success measured in likes and follows?

Ok I think I anticipated your question ahah.

To be sincere, we don’t like this at all. As I told you we started making and playing music when the main thing was having a demo to put here and there, when the first thing people needed to do was LISTENING to your music before offering you a gig, a label deal or something.

I can say we don’t like the new “important thing in music” like the number of followers, impressions, reactions or stuff, but it is what it is, I can easily say you’ll see us more likely hitting the stage instead of dancin’ on TikTok.

7. What’s something that really ‘grinds your gears’ about the industry/business these days and what would you propose is done to combat it?

See answer above? ahah!

Let’s just say we’d love to see music on top again as a priority.

8. Speaking directly to listeners – what would you ask they do to help support your music?

Oh, as easy as it gets, nowadays you have the chance to listen to a band before buying something from them so, also if it ruins the magic of being surprised (like the good ol days ahah) I’d say listen to us on the platform you prefer and then, if you want to support us, follow our pages to get all the news about new music and gigs and come over! Come to our shows and have fun with us!

9. Outside of the music, what’s do you do to relax?

Everyone in the band is a dog person (so that’s what you’ll see on our instagram ahaha) and I think they’re our first source of relax. Stefano’s main passion outside music is riding his bike downhill as fast as he can, Alberto is a dedicated and awesome tattoo artist and I’m a vinyl junkie so always ready to spend money on “that first press I DEFINITELY NEED TO HAVE!”

10. Where can people find you?

You can find us on Spotify, Apple Music and all the music platforms @thephantomrockets on Instagram and YouTube and, hopefully in a venue close to your city! Thanks again for havin’ us!


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