EP Review: Grizzlyshark – Mosaic (Self Released)

Brisbane easycore quartet Grizzlyshark will release their new EP ‘Mosaic’ on July 29th, 2022.

Kicking off proceedings with one hell of an anthem. TMS is a frantic blast of ‘core’ heaviness with some amazing melodic touches. Grizzlyshark setting the bar with a track that is so listenable, you’ll likely be hitting repeat on this one several times before you even consider moving to the next offering on this EP.

Once you do though, you’ll find plenty more to enjoy. Such as the pop-punk infused peppiness of What’s the Plan, Gogglehead and the fiery, ferocious, and infectious There’s No I in Quaranteam. Both tracks showcasing the strength that the unconventional and varied sound of Grizzlyshark has.

Paleblood is one of the more evocative sounding tracks on the EP because the passionate vocal display really seeps into the soul. An element of Grizzlyshark that can’t be overlooked across the entire EP but something that really hits here.

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Which leads us to the end and the blistering, energetic, catchy and uplifting heavyweight hit that is I’m Something of a Scientist Myself. Not just a meme anymore, but a Grizzlyshark track that everyone will fall in love with.

Grizzlyshark have well and truly delivered on this EP.

Grizzlyshark – Mosaic Full Track Listing:

1. TMS
2. What’s the Plan, Gogglehead
3. There’s No I in Quaranteam
4. Paleblood
5. I’m Something of a Scientist Myself


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Grizzlyshark - Mosaic (Self Released)
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