Album Review: Zifir – Demoniac Ethics (Duplicate Records)

Zifir was founded by O.Ö and O.S. in 2006. Their debut album “You Must Come with Us” was released in 2007. The debut album reflected the concept of band’s black metal vision.

By December 2007, Nursuz joined the band on drums and the trio started working on a new album with their new line up. The second album titled “Protest Against Humanity” was released in 2011. After the album, O.S. then quit the band.

By 2012, Zifir have released their split CD with the Belgian black metal band Cult of Erinyes. After the split CD release, Zifir had a songwriting session between 2012 – 2016 for their third full length album. It was December 2016 when Zifir finished recording and signed a deal with Duplicate Records. Finally, the new album entitled “Kingdom of Nothingness” was released on September 2017 in CD and LP format.

You can read our review of that album here.

By November 2018, Ilgar joined the band on bass guitar and Zifir has become a trio once again. After a recording session between 2018 and 2019, Zifir have now released their fourth full length album “Demoniac Ethics” via Duplicate Records.

The ups and downs of their line-up hasn’t stopped Zifir being prolific and consistent when it comes to releases. Now, following their excellent Kingdom of Nothingness album, the black metallers return to pour their scorn over our putrid world.

Relishing in an old-school wave of noise, Zifir are deliciously evil and put their all into serving up a platter filled with temptation. Horrifying temptations but temptations none the less, this is a plate you’ll want to dive headfirst into.

A black metal band way more people should be aware of, Demoniac Ethics should be what catapults them into the minds of those who enjoy blackness that is all consuming. The explosion of ringing noise in Chants for Execution, the uncomfortable sermon-like Still Reigning and the building dread with eventual eruption of horror in Empire of Worms already confirms this as a black metal album of the year contender.

Zifir are just getting started though as the heavy atmosphere of Gökyüzü Karanlık crushes spirits and the impeccably titled, An Eerie Moment leaves cores shaken.

It’s back to being focused on the heavy side of black metal with the slower paced but savagely played Chaos Clouds. Before Spirits of Goats, A Bleak Portrait and Ephemeral Idols step forth to expose their wickedness for all to see and marvel at. Each track an offering that is simply delightful.

A outstanding release culminates with the crawling horror that is Insects as Messengers. Such as powerful effort that your body will begin to itch all over. Zifir taking the mind to very dark places.

Zifir – Demoniac Ethics Full Track Listing:

1. Sûr
2. Chants For Execution
3. Still Reigning
4. Empire of Worms
5. Gökyüzü Karanlık
6. An Eerie Moment
7. Chaos Clouds
8. Spirit of Goats
9. A Bleak Portrait
10. Ephemeral Idols
11. Insects as Messengers




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Zifir - Demoniac Ethics (Duplicate Records)
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