EP Review: Goya – Kathmandu (Self Released)

Kathmandu is the debut EP from Goya. It might only be 4 tracks long but it comes in at nearly 35 minutes. That’s 35 minutes of proggy instrumental doom out on December 8th 2017.

Goya 1

Opening with Collider, one of the shorter tracks on the album. It showcases uplifting guitar riffing with subtle bass hooks resulting in a catchy & hip-shakingly memorable rhythm.

A solid opener, Venenatus is what Goya are really all about though. Coming in at nearly 14 minutes, its opening soft melody settles things down before the slow doomy rhythm kicks in. It’s fuzzy heaviness is offset by wailing guitar notes that get the hairs standing to attention. Constantly dipping in & out of melody, it’s a stunning track layered with smart time changes & variations in tempo.

It’s a hard act to follow but Goya up the heaviness & bring a faster, more rhythmic style with Ashoka. This before the title track works on the emotions with a gorgeous melodic & atmospheric beat that skips effortlessly into thumping heavy groove.

It’s impossible to sum up just how detailed & layered this EP is. It’s a listening experience that will see you finding new & exciting elements every time you hear it. Mesmerising!

Goya 2

Goya – Kathmandu Full Track Listing:

1. Collider
2. Venenatus
3. Ashoka
4. Kathmandu

You can check out the single ‘Collider’ over on Bandcamp where the EP will soon be available. You can keep up to date with news & find out more on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Goya - Kathmandu (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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