Album Review: The Mons – Trust No One (Triple Eye Industries)

Mixing hardcore & old-school punk, Chicago based mob, The Mons will release their new album Trust No One on October 20th 2017 via Triple Eye Industries.

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When you see an album is 15 tracks long but comes in at under 23 minutes you know you’re in for a up-tempo/fast-paced blast to the face & that is exactly what you get with Trust No One. This is a no fucks given release & the expectation is on you to keep up.

This is Why’s rolling drum beat & dark guitar riff drops into a punky pace with some aggressive vocals screaming “this is why” in your face. The snarl that exists in Trust No One, the brief Waste of Time & the bitter sounding The Man will please old school punk fans. While the hardcore mob will be comforted by the aggressive Negative One, the old-school Slayer inspired metal sound of God Hates the Mons & the tightly packed Silent Majority!

It’s hard to sound legitimately pissed off in modern punk but The Mons make it seem super easy with their snarling vocals, mind-bending riffs & constant up-tempo pace. The lyrical content is dark & relevant such as on the amazingly named, Dead Dick Fan Fic. A song about Dick Cheney dying!

“LIAR! With a smirk on his face. TRAITOR! To the whole human race!”

There’s a real snottiness to Trust No One especially when you’ve got 5 second blasts like No Puppet but the ugly guitar work is far more appealing than you might initially expect!

That it ends on two of the most structured & more modern-punk tracks shows the versatility of The Mons. The galloping riffs of The Greatest Story Ever Told & the upbeat but tension filled vocals of Party Down sees things out on a big high.

“This is world is falling apart & all you can think about is you”

A great modern punk album.

Mons 2

The Mons – Trust No One Full Track Listing:

1. This is Why
2. Trust No One
3. Waste of Time
4. The Man
5. Negative One
6. Alarm Clock
7. Dead Dick Fan Fic
8. Ralph Ellison’s Revenge
9. White Noise Generation
10. God Hates the Mons
11. No Puppet
12. In My Room
13. Silent Majority
14. The Greatest Story Ever Told
15. Party Down

You can order the new album here & over on The Mons’ Bandcamp too. You can pick up earlier work & merchandise on Bigcartel. Keep up to date with all The Mons news by liking their Facebook Page.

The Mons - Trust No One (Triple Eye Industries)
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