EP Review: Goreworm – The Path To Oblivion (CDN Records)

The Path to Oblivion is a soundtrack filled with brutally crafted death metal courtesy of Goreworm. Their debut EP, The Path to Oblivion is set to drop on March 23rd 2018 via CDN Records.

Goreworm 2

Offering a cleaner but still crushing take on death metal, Goreworm’s The Path to Oblivion is a statement of intent. One that has all the hallmarks of traditional death within the vocals & tempo but delivers a more modern metal sound with the guitars.

Short and to the point, the 6 tracks that make up the EP fly by in a blur of heavy riffs, crushing drum beats & vile sounding vocals. The likes of Beneath the Plastic, Family Matters and the title track are the highlights of the EP.

Goreworm 1

Goreworm – The Path to Oblivion Full Track Listing:

1. Rest in Piss
2. Wombraider
3. Beneath the Plastic
4. Final Nightmare
5. Family Matters
6. The Path to Oblivion

You can order the EP via CDN Records here and find out more via Goreworm’s Facebook Page.

Goreworm - The Path To Oblivion (CDN Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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