EP Review: Godeth – Life to the Flame (Self Released)

Godeth are a 5-piece metal band from Leeds, UK who will releasing their new EP, Life to the Flame on July 30th, 2021. It includes 5 songs on it, with ‘Animal Side’ and ‘All But One’ being re-workings of past releases.

An eerie, almost horror-like intro (Einleitung) leads into the title track where the evil vibes are dialled up and we get something that has a thumping and methodical heavy groove to it. Dark, a bit gothic and quite intense, especially when the vocals kick in.

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It’s interesting to see that followed by something that has a bit more of the traditional ‘metals’ about it. Both Animal Side and All but One deliver head-banging groove with some very strong riffs. Being unaware of what the original versions of these tracks sounded like, I’ve got nothing to reference but you can certainly hear the difference between these two tracks and the title track and following NIMBY.

Which is also the track that closes the EP and again has Godeth get a lot heavier and aggressive. Most notable in the vocals but the other instruments are certainly pulling their weight too. It’s these tracks; NIMBY and Life to the Flame that really stand out and if it’s the direction Godeth are going in then I’m fully on board.

Godeth – Life to the Flame Full Track Listing:

1. Einleitung
2. Life to the Flame
3. Animal Side
4. All but One


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Godeth - Life to the Flame (Self Released)
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