EP Review: Fourth Son South – Machine (Self Released)

South African Rockers Fourth Son South have been hard at work eagerly crafting the follow-up to their 2020 debut album The Sounds Around Your Head, and on the 21st of January 2022 the indomitable quartet will unleash their anticipated EP called Machine.

Rocking groove to move too, Fourth Son South bring forth an EP of positivity. An EP that focuses on hope, tries to put the last few years in the rear-view window and look forward. Something that is accomplished with straight-forward hard rock and roll music.

From the innate catchiness of Not A Machine to the chilled but influential Power to the People, Machine starts off strongly. However, it is the dirty groove of Hold On (Remix) that really stands out. A track that was released in 2021 and now gets a freshened-up sound on this EP. Lyrically, especially in the chorus, it really does gee up the spirit.

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Sea of Life is further proof that Fourth Son South are riff machines and they defy anyone to not move their body to this catchy ditty. Followed by the finale of Tomorrow’s Better, which features guest vocals from the excellent Melissa Osbourne. A closer that might well be the most positive sounding track on an EP that is pretty pleasing for that overall.

South African rock that has the potential to capture the world’s imagination.

Fourth Son South – Machine Full Track Listing:

1. Not A Machine
2. Power to the People
3. Hold On (Remix)
4. Sea of Life
5. Tomorrow’s Better (feat. Melissa Osbourne)


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Fourth Son South - Machine (Self Released)
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