Album Review: Devils Teeth – Suki Yaki Hot! (Triple Eye Industries)

In 2016, like a thousand bored, out-of-shape dudes before them, 3 Milwaukee friends started a band. Dropping punctuation “just because”, Devils Teeth came together as a lean but efficient three-piece, with Jon Hanusa on vocals and guitar, Eric Arsnow on vocals and bass, and Chuck Engel on drums.

After releasing some lo-fi rehearsal tracks, the band set to work on their debut in the summer of 2017, aiming to be more than a traditional garage rock throwback. Channelling inspiration from Brucesploitation and Herschall Gordon Lewis films as well as surf and psychedelic sounds from decades past.

Which brings us to their debut album, Suki Yaki Hot! due out on August 24th 2018 via Triple Eye Industries.

Devils Teeth 2

Old-school punk rock with buckets of energy, Devils Teeth’s Suki Yaki Hot! is all kinds of bouncy fun. The high-tempo rawness of Diamond Rio, the spaghetti western vibe of The Junction Street Eight Tigers and the post-punk stylings of Death is Nimble.

Devils Teeth are certainly something a bit different on the landscape of modern punk. The punk-surfer vibe is heavily present in Party Shark Shake while Understanding the Hands of a Killer really lays the western vibes on thickly.

The album flies by in a blur of rocking riffs and high energy hooks. A lot of fun but just lacking a little extra something to turn it from a good album into a great album. Devils Teeth are at their strongest when focusing on fast-paced groove as found in Sakuraba and their weakest when not going for the knockout punch as found on People of the Earth.

Devils Teeth 1

Devils Teeth – Suki Yaki Hot! Full Track Listing:

1. Diamond Rio
2. The Junction Street Eight Tigers
3. Death is Nimble
4. Dirty Tricks
5. Party Shark Shake
6. Understanding the Hands of a Killer
7. Jet Jaguar
8. Who’s Laughing Now
9. Sakuraba
10. People of Earth

The album can be ordered here and via Bandcamp here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking Devils Teeth’s Facebook Page and following them on Instagram.

Devils Teeth - Suki Yaki Hot! (Triple Eye Industries)
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