EP Review: Foul – Of Worms (Caligari Records)

The aptly named Seattle based quartet Foul will unleash their new EP, Of Worms on cassette (limited to 200) via Caligari Records. The digital version was released in November 2018.



Aptly named because Of Worms is four tracks of the darkest and most disgusting death/doom you’ll hear this year. 27 minutes of blood curdling heaviness. They are the mould growing in the corner of the babies room, the infection spreading through a diseased body, the rot returning flesh to earth.

With an eye-watering layered level of brutish noise, Foul have no time for prettiness. Instead, when not roaring with righteousness, they slow things down to uncomfortable levels of doom. The end result is a collection of tracks that dull the senses and allow dark thoughts in.

It’s not an album for mass consumption. There will be just as many who hate it as love it. We fall in the latter camp even if it is an ugly record. As the uncomplicated Effigy of Tredecuple Emaciation and Writhing Tectonic Bicephalith lay down devastating doom and death metal heaviness to the point of madness.

Foul 1

Foul – Of Worms Full Track Listing:

1. Effigy Of Tredecuple Emaciation
2. Sorceress Of Worms
3. Writhing Tectonic Bicephalith
4. Feculent Unbirth

Of Worms can be picked up digitally now via Foul’s Bandcamp and the cassette can be ordered via Caligari Records here.

Foul - Of Worms (Caligari Records)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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