EP Review: Flame, Dear Flame – The Millennial Heartbeat (Self Released)

In the year 2017, a spark was enkindled in the German city of the lion, blazed and invoked the covenant of Flame, Dear Flame. In a time when the significance of words has deteriorated, the endeavor can only be the creation of meaningful music that works purely in conjunction with profound and narrative lyrics. The result is a unique fusing of Epic Doom Metal and Occult Rock with natural and clear female vocals.

Flame, Dear Flame present their first offering on April 5, 2019. Divided into three parts with a total duration of 21 minutes, ‘The Millennial Heartbeat’ is the genesis of the ocean and the thanatography of the land, a testimony of the forces of nature and its frailty alike.

Come autumn, the flame will be spread to a few chosen stages across the country, a smouldering fire to be fostered by the wind.

Flame 2

Two things really stand out with Flame, Dear Flame’s debut EP. The first is the solemn effectiveness of their downbeat yet imposing doom. The second is the crystal clear and moving vocals. The combined efforts of the two alongside some sluggish riffs and a ponderous drum beat makes for an grand listen.

Three tracks, three parts of an emotive and poignant story with just a hint of the occult to it. So melodic at times, so heavy at others…the end result is an EP that really leaves an impression. If there is one track you should definitely check out, it’s Part III as that showcases everything great about Flame, Dear Flame. It’s also the most uplifting of the three following two pretty sombre tracks.

A great debut.

Flame 1

Flame, Dear Flame – The Millennial Heartbeat Full Track Listing:

1. The Millennial Heartbeat Part I
2. The Millennial Heartbeat Part II
3. The Millennial Heartbeat Part III



The EP can be ordered over on Bandcamp and you can find out more via Flame, Dear Flame’s Facebook Page.

Flame, Dear Flame - The Millennial Heartbeat (Self Released)
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