EP Review: Fields of Violet – Into the Unknown (Winter Wizard Music)

The debut EP from Fields of Violet is entitled, Into the Unknown and is out now via Winter Wizard Music. Created from the Multi-faceted mind of producer/songwriter Rafael Katigbak, the musical project Fields of Violet began its journey in early 2017.

​While Katigbak is the sole member and anchor songwriter, Fields of Violet is comprised of a vast array of feature-artists and musicians from all over the world.

Violet 2

With that description you know you’re in for an eclectic listen here but it’s hard to really get too interested when Reality & Feeling get going. The vocals are nice and there is some memorable melody in both tracks but it’s just not that exciting.

That’s less of a problem with Starlight though as it’s a track that shows plenty more imagination to the rhythm. The lyrical content is dark and it’s no surprise after listening to it that it was a track written with the Hollywood sexual harassment scandals in mind.

Starlight rescues Into the Unknown from the brink and with renewed confidence and a better footing begins to turn things around. Transcend is arguably the best track on the EP as the mournful melodies really gel with these wonderful flashes of hard rock heaviness. It’s a surprise but a very welcome one as the tempo increase is thrilling.

Closing out with the rockier tempo intact, Into the Night ends things on a high albeit with a more gothic tone. A strong finish that helps turn the rocky start around nicely.

Violet 1

Fields of Violet – Into the Unknown Full Track Listing:

1. Reality
2. Feeling
3. Starlight
4. Transcend
5. Into the Night

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You can stream the EP now via Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music below. Find out more via the band’s websiteFacebook Page and subscribe on YouTube to see videos.

Fields of Violet - Into the Unknown (Winter Wizard Music)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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