Album Review: Galactic Empire – Episode II (Rise Records)

Released on May the 4th via Rise Records (see what they did there?), Episode II is the follow up to last year’s debut from the Star Wars themed band, Galactic Empire. An album that took the classic John Williams Star Wars score & ‘metalled’ it up. 11 of the most famous Star Wars tracks played out in a heavy, aggressive style. It was far better then it had any right to be and you can read our review here.

Galactic Empire 2

Episode II is another 11 tracks themed around the hugely popular franchise albeit with a few more modern ones thrown in too.

Is it fun? Of course, but don’t let that make you think Galactic Empire aren’t without talent. They make the likes of March of the Resistance, The Droid Invasion and the Appearance of Darth Maul seem like they were born to be metal tracks.

Being the sequel, most of the more famous Star Wars tracks were covered in the original so here they’re aren’t as many familiar ones but it’s nice to see Galactic Empire use their imagination. Taking inspiration from the current crop of films, Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle and Rey’s Theme are epic screeching guitar tunes with a touch of flair.

The latter tracks though focus primarily on moments from the original trilogy, the darker side of Force. Boba Fett gets a staring role in the crunching groove of The Departure of Boba Fett, The Emperor is a reminder of the evil power the Sith lord exuded and The Battle of Yavin (Launch from the Fourth Moon) delivers oomph for such a pivotal moment!

Episode II isn’t necessarily better but there are a few more risks taken and it pays off. Galactic Empire might have their tongue in their cheek but they’re metal credentials are far from lacking. This is a good Star Wars themed metal album.

Galactic Empire 1

Galactic Empire – Episode II Full Track Listing:

1. March of the Resistance
2. Scherzo for X-Wings
3. Hyperspace
4. The Droid Invasion and the Appearance of Darth Maul
5. Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle
6. Love Pledge and The Arena
7. Rey’s Theme
8. The Departure of Boba Fett
9. The Emperor
10. Into the Trap
11. The Battle of Yavin (Launch from the Fourth Moon)

Check it out yourself below via Apple Music.

Galactic Empire - Episode II (Rise Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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