EP Review: Fathom Farewell – Consume the Earth (Self Released)

Boston’s Fathom Farewell are set to release their newest EP, Consume the Earth. Featuring six tracks of high-energy and emotionally-driven modern hard rock/metal, the EP shows why Fathom Farewell are one of the fastest rising stars in the melodic metalcore scene.

Consume the Earth will be out September 20th 2019 on CD and digital formats.


With hard rock riffs, fast and intense, Six Feet Beneath sees Fathom Farewell get their new EP underway. A nice bit of groove, enough to get the head nodding along and then in a flash, the song goes from alright to great as the metal side of the band comes out to play.

It’s a much needed moment as the chorus and clean singing don’t quite wow. Which does mean the following title track swings and misses too, it’s just bland sounding.

There’s a bit more fire in the belly for Wide Awake and the riffs are super thick but that becomes an inferno for Mutiny. A much more aggressive sound here, it’s balanced well with a cleanly sung chorus. Certainly Fathom Farwell at their best and they follow that with another strong offering in the more melodic Cold Beginnings.

After some early misses, it is nice to see the band growing in strength as they go on and they cement that with Soul Within the Shadow. Meaty metalcore goodness and an killer breakdown to end things on a hefty high.


Fathom Farewell – Consume the Earth Full Track Listing:

1. Six Feet Beneath
2. Consume the Earth
3. Wide Awake
4. Mutiny
5. Cold Beginnings
6. Soul Within The Shadow


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Fathom Farewell - Consume the Earth (Self Released)
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