Single Slam: Reach Out by End of Daze

End of Daze are a 6-piece metalcore band from Dorset, England. The band consist of vocalists Harry Shooter and Tom Staple combining classic metalcore elements from aggressive screams to melodic choruses. Other members are guitarists Jack Wood and Wynter Prior bringing crushing breakdowns and blistering guitar solos. Finally, James Jefferis and Jason Jones providing powerful drums with a meaty low end.

The fellas are about to release a brand new single called Reach Out along with an accompanying video dripping in political tone.

Just over 4 minutes of some genuinely thrilling and meaty metalcore, it comes out swinging. The gunfire approach to the drums, the frantic riffs and feral vocal style really standing out. It’s heavy, the tempo leaving all lying in its wake but End of Daze have way more up their sleeve.

A clean sung chorus, an absolute beast of a breakdown and one final push that sees the track wrap up in heavy metalcore style.

A very likeable band showcasing exactly what makes metalcore such a popular sub-genre today.


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Reach Out by End of Daze
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