EP Review: Fangs Out – Pretty Bleak (Self Released)

Fangs Out are a 4-piece hardcore band from the West Midlands in the UK. They released their debut EP ‘Curse Words in April 2020 and used the following ‘downtime’ to work on their brand-new record, Pretty Bleak.

Another four-track offering, Pretty Bleak will be released on June 4th, 2021.

We were impressed with Fangs Out when we checked out their debut calling it a “pretty sensitive and uneven style of hardcore that has the desperate heaviness of the genre with a bit more groove to the guitars”.

It’s always exciting to see what a young band like this has for us next and they start in riotous fashion. The opening track, Glum is a blistering burst of hardcore noise that doesn’t so much race along as careen out of control. It’s messy but in a good way, Fangs Out radiating a hunger and delivering a beastly pit-opener with some down-right head-banging heaviness at the end.

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Take a breath, Fangs Out aren’t taking their foot off the pedal with Old Lows although here, there is more noteworthy melody in the vocals. As well as some unusual rhythmic patterns and a chunky as hell chorus. This might be the best track we’ve had from the band so far into their short careers.

Keeping it wild and jagged but so very exhilarating, Dragged Up is another banger. The one-two punch of the vicious vocals and pounding guitars & drums creates such a wall of noise but with groove to it all. Hell, this track is even kind of catchy at times. If you can concentrate through the sheer desire to head-bang yourself into a stupor.

They’ve massively outdone themselves here. Pretty Bleak is a big step-up for Fangs Out and any doubts about that is put to rest with Oh Well. No Less. A big finale for the band as it goes near 5-minutes, varies the tempos significantly and has a fair bit more clean singing. Warped by their indelible ability to slam their instruments down as hard as possible.

Top stuff from Fangs Out.

Fangs Out – Pretty Bleak Full Track Listing:

1. Glum
2. Old Lows
3. Dragged Up
4. Oh Well. No Loss.


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Fangs Out - Pretty Bleak (Self Released)
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