EP Review: False Flag – False Flag (Self Released)

Hailing from India, False Flag’s DIY ethos is commendable, a band that formed after seeing Napalm Death perform. A punk metal band at heart, there is far more to False Flag then you might initially think. This self-titled debut EP has elements of black metal, thrash, crust-punk & more all wrapped up in three tracks of intense aggression. The EP will be independently released on December 25th 2017.

False Flag 1

Let’s get this clear straight away. This is a brilliant EP, one that is breath-taking in its wildness while retaining impressive amounts of exciting rhythm.

Spectrum Disorder displays so much punk-infused energy, the vocals snarling alongside surprisingly detailed riffs & hook-heavy flurries. It’s impossible to quite put into words just how intense it all is.

Sisyphus Lament builds on that with an even deeper & darker groove all while the vocals give off a desperate tone. This all leads to a thumping finale as Unbroken caps off a thrilling listen with its unbelievable punkish fury. The constantly shifting tempo really keeps things sounding fresh & it’s hard to really get to grips with such a slippery number.

Watch out for these guys, they’re coming for all of us!

False Flag 2

False Flag – False Flag Full Track Listing:

1. Spectrum Disorder
2. Sisyphus Lament
3. Unbroken

You can pick up False Flag’s demo now over on Bandcamp with the EP available soon. Find out more about the band on Facebook & Instagram.

False Flag - False Flag (Self Released)
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