EP Review: Eyes on the Machine – Eyes on the Machine (Polderrecords)

On June, 9th 2018 Polderrecords will release Eyes on the Machine’s self-titled debut EP.

Eyes on the Machine are a Belgium based heavy rock quintet founded in early 2016. The name of the band refers to the pumped up working society where everything has to happen fast in factory life. You feel that you are just another number in the production line where you have to keep your eyes on the machine at all times.

Machine 2

Bringing bags of energy, an attitude that has shades of punk about it and enough rock talent to turn many a head, Eyes on the Machine’s debut hits a lot of the right notes.

Delivering an exciting blend of hard rocking riffs, dirty bass and vocal swagger, The Search and Firewalker get things hot and steamy from the start. The latter’s bouncing groove in particular is a highlight. Exciting stuff but nothing we’ve not heard before.

That’s why it comes as such a surprise when the 9+ minutes of Travels comes next. Slow and soft melody that has a twang of country about it, the track builds anticipation for the expected crunch off harder rock and doesn’t disappoint. An excellent track that proves Eyes on the Machine have way more going on.

Riding high now, Nocturnal also delivers a surprise with heavier riffs and even some crusty vocals before Thurst brings back the sleazy swagger in one of the most rhythmically exciting tracks so far.

Keeping with the theme of impressive variety, My Godess’ initial morose melody is more fitting for a grunge band but thankfully it’s not long before the purveyors of hard rock get back to doing what they do best.

Wrapping up with a dizzying finale, Rebirth is the perfect way for Eyes on the Machine to sign off. An instrumental, fuzzy around the edges track that is all about relaxing melody. The kind of tune that you can sit quietly in the warmth watching the sun set peacfully.

Machine 1

Eyes on the Machine – Eyes on the Machine Full Track Listing:

1. The Search
2. Firewalker
3. Travels
4. Nocturnal
5. Thrust
6. My Goddess
7. Rebirth

Head over to Polderrecords to find out more and keep up to date by liking Eyes on the Machine’s Facebook Page.

Eyes of the Machine - Eyes of the Machine (Polderrecords)
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