EP Review: Exist – Get Your Own (Self-Released)

Poland’s Exist came to life in 2014, started by two 13 year old guitarists! Even now the oldest member of the band is just 18 years old. An amazing feat especially as they’ve now released their first EP, Get Your Own in February 2017.

Exist 1

4 tracks of old school thrash metal that bears a lot of resemblance to early Metallica & Slayer, Exist isn’t going to win any awards for originality. However it does deserve plaudits for being exciting, fast-paced groove-infused thrash.

Get Your Own’s spirited riffs & spit-fire vocals start things off strongly before Lawlessness brutal pace really gets the head-banging going. The rawness of the vocals are a bit of a problem here & sound a little rough at times before getting buried during an intense guitar solo.

The near 8 minute On Your Own Accord helps make that a distant memory though with rousing rhythm. It’s thrash metal, as simple as that but keeps things interesting with well placed changes in direction. A very memorable song, the beat calling to the heavy metal beast in all of us.

Get Your Own finishes off with Exist, a chugging riff introducing it perfectly before blasting out a guitars/drums only combo for 2 and a half minutes. When the vocals do come in it enhances the sound but the song doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s a quality slab of thrash metal, just not very inspiring.

Which sums up the EP as a whole. Nothing bad about it but it’s inspirations are a bit too obvious.

Exist 2

Exist – Get Your Own Full Track Listing:

1. Get Your Own
2. Lawlessness
3. On Your Own Accord
4. Exist

Get Your Own is out now. You can find out more about Exist via Facebook & listen to some of their music over on YouTube.

Exist - Get Your Own (Self-Released)
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