EP Review: Empyreal Sorrow – Harm(ony) Within (Self Released)

Merry Christmas! Releasing on Christmas Eve, Harm(ony) Within is the new EP from German melodic death metal band, Empyreal Sorrow. This 4-track EP continues what Empyreal Sorrow successfully initiated on their debut album Praey in 2020.

We were big fans of Praey so more Empyreal Sorrow is certainly a good thing. The melodic death metallers return all guns blazing to bring us three meaty and mental heavyweight offerings. As well as an unexpected electronic remix of ‘A Night Without Armour’ by the artist LXEKR.

Beginning with the contemptuous noise of Cursed Be the False Promise, Empyreal Sorrow come out kicking and screaming. A heavyweight blast of melodic death metal; the guitars roar, the drums pound and the vocals spit venom. All with that underlying melody that makes the rhythm so much stronger. A strong, energy driven opener.

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Heartfelt Disease opens up the morose and heartfelt side of this EP with some nice melody at the start. It kicks up a gear after a short while, Empyreal Sorrow bringing darker but more melodramatic heaviness to the forefront. The slower tempo allows the melody to shine very brightly here.

Then we get No Absolution and here, Empyreal Sorrow continue to showcase their impressive ear for heavy, infectious and exciting rhythms. A track with more of a traditional melo-death sound, it’s still the band showing that they’re as imaginative as always.

Talking of which… Night Re-Armoured (LXEKR-Mix) is certainly interesting. A fast-paced and eerie electronica track. Does it fit on this EP? Absolutely not but it’s pretty cool sounding.

Empyreal Sorrow – Harm(ony) Within Full Track Listing:

1. Cursed Be the False Promise
2. Heartfelt Disease
3. No Absolution
4. Night Re-Armoured (LXEKR-Mix)


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Empyreal Sorrow - Harm(ony) Within (Self Released)
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