EP Review: Ego – Predation (Lycaean Triune)

Spitting bloody bile into the toilet that is modern black metal, Ego has arrived with a blade beneath their jacket and tar between their teeth. Bearing black eyes as a replacement for corpse paint, the duo of Piss & Shit rise half-drunk from the gutter to remind the pedestrian and the complacent of what black metal should be: foul, filthy, and threatening.

Alaskan black metal misanthropes Ego has announced their debut EP Predation will be released December 25th 2020 via Lycaean Triune.

The band states:

Ego is exactly what the cowards deny. All hate, no pride.



A little slice of fiery ferocity from a land more commonly associated with ice and snow. Fitting in a way as Predation shares much in common with the early rise of the Norwegian black scene. However, Ego’s style is molten-hot and ripped straight from the pits of hell. Chaotic is one way to describe what is going on here. However, that seems kind, as the deluge of metal that hits here is breath-taking. In the sense that the life is being choked out of you.

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That doesn’t make it unlistenable though. As Ego are well in control here and deal out more than just sickening heaviness. There’s rhythm. There’s clearly defined riffs and hooky moments. Hell, there’s even a touch of off-kilter melody. It just all happens to be wrapped around a piece of brutality bursting with malicious intent.

Ego – Predation Full Track Listing:

1. To Look For Sheep
2. Curse of Consciousness
3. Malice Aforethought
4. Gouging Out the Third Eye


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Ego - Predation (Lycaean Triune)
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