EP Review: Ealdor Bana – Tear Out Thine Eye (Wulfhere Productions)

Something new has awoken in the heartlands of Staffordshire. Something dark, evil and ready to expel it’s foulness across the music world. It is called Ealdor-Bana, a one-man project from Bahr Geist.

The first expulsion is out now and it is called Tear Out Thine Eye.



From the dark and twisted bowels of hell, where even demons don’t dare to wander, comes a brutal and raw black metal release. The soul-sucking, brain-melting and terrifying evil of Tear Out Thine Eye is only matched by the sheer ferocity of the metal on show.

This isn’t an attempt to modernise the black metal sound, instead it’s something that captures the classic old-school fire while adding even more explosive fuel to the pyre. Something to please those who yearn for a simpler, more ‘church-burning’ era of black metal.

Credit to Bahr Geist, while it sounds raw as hell, this was clearly was the aim. Yet, the blazing guitar riffs and howling, guttural vocals are easily discernible. Even the drums, while programmed, fit the tone of utter evil chaos. Exemplified by the unceasing vile blast that is Secular Key and Spit in God’s Face.

It’s for a particular taste, that much is clear but if it is your jam, you’re going to have a blast rolling around in this filthy evil.

Ealdor-Bana – Tear Out Thine Eye Full Track Listing:

1. Tear Out Thy Eye
2. Secular Key
3. Holy Sacrifice
4. Spit in God’s Face
5. Blood Ritual


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Ealdor Bana - Tear Out Thine Eye (Wulfhere Productions)
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