EP Review: Druids Of Eld – A Day Of Sorrow (Self Released)

A solo project by Matt Dodds (Arbrynth, live session for Be’lakor and Okera), Druids Of Eld is a Melbourne based project drawing from a range of melodic doom, death, black metal, and folk influences. The debut EP, A Day of Sorrow, will be released on January 20th, 2023.

A substantial offering, A Day of Sorrow is only five tracks long, but comes in at nearly thirty minutes long. Not only that, it’s an epic wander through atmospheric locales, the sound of death, destruction, and sacrifice. All delivered in an awe-inspiring folk-infused, melodic, and metal way.

A high bar is set with the opener Born for the Wolves. Ringing guitar rhythm and a heavier thump of percussion, leading to a melody-laden drop in tempo alongside fragile vocals. It makes for a more relaxed introduction to Druids of Eld but is just one aspect of their sound. As the track slides effortlessly into something much darker and heavier, this is where Druids of Eld showcase the doomy, death-infused, and blackened side of the soul.

A dramatically morose opening to Awakened sets up a more elaborate experience. As Druids of Eld expand on the brilliance of blending awe-inspiring blackened heaviness with deepening melodic elements. Seven-plus minutes that ease by, thanks to the transformative nature of the music.



The sense of primeval lore and distant times is given more meaning with the haunting intermission that is Druids of Eld. Flowing perfectly into the intense Sacrifice, a track that has a wonderful black metal and post-esque/atmospheric sound, dropping away into cleaner, melody-laden moments. As good as anything heard so far, which is saying a lot considering how good the EP has been.

All good things must come to and end though, and A Day of Sorrow goes out with a bang. The finale, the title track, is beautiful misery. Where deep depths of emotion are reached, the sense of an ending is strong, but it still feels like a temporary reprieve. Druids of Eld have more journeys to take. More tales to tell, and we want to be along for the ride.

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Druids Of Eld - A Day Of Sorrow (Self Released)
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