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EP Review: Skatepunk by Scarlatamusic (Self Released)

Colorado’s talented, self taught multi instrumentalist, Scarlatamusic will release a brand new EP called Skatepunk on the 20th January this year.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Scarlatamusic, a self-taught instrumentalist, produces dynamic tracks that show off a wealth of heavy and soaring styles. Song writing began in earnest back in 2016 and the summer of 2020 saw the release of the debut EP Metal-Baby fully self-produced. Delivering a guitar-driven onslaught of intricate melodies and intense rhythms laced with lashing of distortion, Skatepunk is the upcoming offering from Scarlatamusic. The new EP follows the debut full-length Power Through released back in April 2022.

Skatepunk is a fiery display of Scarlatamusic’s heavier side. Drawing from an array of metal subgenres and styles, these three tracks build on the project’s previous releases and see Scarlatamusic continue to push creative boundaries.

Scarlatamusic is John Scarlata on guitar, bass and drums with Arnaud Krakowka of Metal Drum Tracks appearing on drums in “Mindreader” & “Skatepunk”.

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Skatepunk is a short and snappy release with three relatively short instrumental tracks on it, though all three manage to pack plenty in to their short run time. Starting with HyperActive, we get a pretty steady rhythmic track for a large part of it. Steady drums combine nicely with some really neat riffs and lead guitar melodies. It’s really easy to listen to and enjoy. The hyperactivity comes with around a minute left as the lead guitar hits blazing speed sitting on top of a speedy riff. It’s fast and fiery, screaming out notes at you.

Track 2 on Skatepunk is Mindreader and brings more riffing and soloing goodness to the table. There is a nice chunky headbanger of a riff to get things started. Strong drums and a little bass add plenty of depth while the lead guitar blazes away showing of plenty of style and skill. It’s catchy again, occasionally has a big emphatic video game boss fight vibe to it. Again it is superbly comfortable to listen to and feels very well produced and nicely layered.

Scarlatamusic close out the new EP with the title track, Skatepunk. It’s a bit fizzier, with plenty of distortion over the nice and chunky riffs. The drums are good, there is plenty of loose hitting thrashy cymbals and a punchy bass line. Of course the riffs and guitars- are really what Scarlatamusic are about and there is plenty here to head bang along to and enjoy.

Overall, its a strong release with three instrumental tracks chock full of solid riffs, screaming melodic leads and punchy drums. It’s going to be difficult to be a fan of rock, metal, or any guitar driven music and not find enjoyment and comfort in listening to a release like this. It is well produced and importantly, on a full instrumental release, all three tracks showcase individuality. Strong stuff. Be sure to check it out on your chosen streaming service when it drops on the 20th January.

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Skatepunk by Scarlatamusic (Self Released)
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