EP Review: Demoralizer – This World is Suffering (Self Released)

Demoralizer are a death metal band from the Netherlands who released their debut EP ‘This World is Suffering’ on the 8th of October 2022.

Formed from the ashes of various other Dutch bands, Demoralizer are clearly focused on metal domination now. Showcasing a meaty, heavy, and groovy death metal sound on this debut release. Combining impressively hefty instrumentation with horribly harsh vocals, dripping in a fair amount of atmosphere, and delivering a head-smashing experience overall.

Starting off strongly with Intro: The Stones of my Tomb, Demoralizer set the bar high as this opener has an egregious amount of heaviness and groove to it. Before they lose all control for the wild and wonderful intermezzo that is Unmarked. A track that only lasts about a minute long but leaves its ‘mark’.

That same wildness is present, but in a much more focused way, on the blistering expulsion of death metal that is Silence. Before a brash batter of riffs, drums and vocal spurts makes Alive to Die one of the EP’s most abrasive sounding tracks. Impressive stuff from this new band.

Does it get any better? Try the stompy, groovy and heavy beat of Home (This World is Suffering) on for size. Or the ripping and tearing riff-heavy Children of Armageddon. Another two top-tier bangers from a band that certainly deserve a bit more attention based off the high quality that is this debut EP.

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Demoralizer – This World is Suffering (Self Released)
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