EP Review: Dead Medusa – Riff City (Self Released)

Initially realised digitally & on tape, the debut release of Dead Medusa, Riff City will see a CD version out on September 22nd independently.

Dead Medusa 1

Dead Medusa aim is simple…to get you head-banging as hard & fast as humanly possible.

The up-tempo beat (led by some killer drumming) kicks things off in style. Trenches is an early bar setter with blistering thrash metal riffs, traditional solos & blackened death metal guttural vocals.

Heavy focus is put on guitars with each delivering their fair share of groove-oriented metal. Being only 5 tracks long, Dead Medusa stuff the EP with more groove then many of their contemporaries manage across double that time.

It’s easy to hear the influences of the likes of Lamb of God on the heavy riffs of Tunnel Vision while Tarungus has a real Carcass vibe about it. The latter’s use of bass is particularly thrilling.

The slower, deeper groove verses of Chip for Brains offers some light relief from the constant thrash assault that Dead Medusa deliver. The real standout moment of that song though is the classic style guitar solo near the end.

Riff City ends on the title track which is also the best song on the EP. The machine gun-fire approach to the riffs & vocals absolutely slays. Pure head-banging gold.

Dead Medusa 2

Dead Medusa – Riff City Full Track Listing:

1. Trenches
2. Tunnel Vision
3. Tarungus
4. Chip for Brains
5. Riff City

You can pick up the album digitally now over on Bandcamp as well as stream it from most major services. You can find out much more about Dead Medusa over on Facebook.

Dead Medusa - Riff City (Self Released)
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