EP Review: Creeper -The Stranger (Roadrunner Records)

This 5 song EP opens with the moody sounding, The Secret Society, a short intro to the interesting stylings of Creeper. This is a band that’s going to divide the rock & metal community, mixing hard rocking riffs, catchy choruses but with more pop friendly vocals. Think AFI, Alkaline Trio & My Chemical Romance.

This is instantly evident on Valentine, an instant teenage anthem with the infectiously delicious chorus, “I’ve been low, I’ve been low, I hate to tell you but what the hell can I do?”

Black Mass on the other hand is a speedy little number that has a bit more punk & rockabilly about it. It’s very different to what came before, being just an ‘alright’ number until it suddenly drops out & takes on an incredible crooning style that had me picturing 70’s drive in theatres.

Misery is an apt title for the penultimate song, quiet guitar strumming allowing the impressive vocals of lead singer Will Gould to do all the work. It’s a song that’s gonna see the lighters out when played live. This guy can sing.

The EP comes to a close with something of an epic (coming in at almost 4 minutes long!) & sets it aim out early with a fast rolling drum beat & upbeat riffs. Astral Projection, musically I couldn’t help but draw some comparisons with early Offspring (obviously not including the vocals) which is high praise indeed. It’s a strong finish with the rockier edge getting turned up for the final moments.

I’ve listened to The Stranger 4 or 5 times now & I still can’t make up my mind if I like it or not. It’s got some impressive musical moments (such as the ending to Astral Projection & middle of Black Mass) & the singer is very talented. They can write catchy as fuck songs but it leans a little to close to the poppier end of rock for my liking. It seems to be aimed at a certain audience & age group.

Overall Track List:

1. The Secret Society
2. Valentine
3. Black Mass
4. Misery
5. Astral Projection

Creeper -The Stranger (Roadrunner Records)
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