EP Review: Creature – Hex (Grey Ghost Records)

Hex is the debut release from Birmingham band Creature. It’s the first in a trilogy of EPs to be issued over the next 18 months from their own Grey Ghost Records label.

Creature 2

James Thompson, guitarist and vocalist, says “These first three EPs are a statement. A statement that says the art of being a band of humans still exists. You can’t manufacture energy, you can’t manufacture passion, you can’t manufacture raw instrumentation in its purest form.

“The advance of modern production is incredible, and has enabled some wonderful art, but the flipside is that the true essence of heavy music is lost. We want to remind people of what raw grit and emotion sounds like. We don’t want it to die and that is why Creature exists.”

Hex will be released on May 3rd 2019.


Four track, about 8 minutes. Hex is a super fast blast to the senses. Noisy and in your face, spitting and snarling hardcore that is built on a frenzied approach and high energy. There really isn’t a lot to say about it. It flies by in mere moments, leaving both a horrified and excited reaction.

Creature are hardcore but it’s hardcore with sense behind it. The vocals flay skin from bone, the guitars light everything on fire and the drums pour even more fuel on that. From Witch’s Grip to Blackness and the two track in between, this is not an EP to be missed.

UK fire and fury at its brightest.

Creature 1

Creature – Hex Full Track Listing:

1. Witch’s Grip
2. Liquid Gold
3. Crestfallen
4. Blackness

Head over to Creature’s website for EP ordering links and to find out more. While you’re at it check out their Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Creature - Hex (Grey Ghost Records)
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