Album Review: Celestivl – Tentimestwo (Self Released)

TenTimesTwo is Celestivl’’s first full length album, and over the course of nine tracks, displays the sheer breadth of their music.

The TenTimesTwo album also marks the first appearance of drummer Louisa Scarff, and bassist Andy Morris, both of whom have worked incredibly hard in the recording process of this album, putting their own unique touches on it, complementing the songwriting, guitar playing, and orchestration of Daniel Carpenter, and the vocals of Saneeta Ram.

TenTimesTwo will be released on May 6th 2019.

Celestivl 2

The glory of what Celestivl are capable of is shown in all its glory across the 9 tracks of TenTimesTwo. It’s metal, it’s fast, it’s heavy and it’s symphonic. A powerhouse of riffs, drums and vocals welcomes Melisandre before Shattered Pictures really ups the power metal side of the band, the vocals soaring through the clouds.

It’s all solid stuff if not a bit unexciting. Happily, Spires changes that with a really positive sounding rhythm with some excellent high points. Easily the best track on album so far. Although Along the Way makes a great play for that position with a genuinely emotional piano melody/vocal combo. Utterly fantastic.

The hefty power of the band’s other instruments combined with epic sounding symphonic elements makes its return for Blasphemous and Sabrina (I’ll Cover You). The latter has a building chorus that really shows off the power of the vocals, if you needed any reminding.

One final more melodic number in the form of Once, Inside a Dream is light and airy. Then we really see just how big Celestivl can go with the 10 minute title track to close out the album. A thrilling finale with massive symphonic highs, incredibly wild sounding guitar riffing and thundering heaviness.

Celestivl 1

Celestivl – TenTimesTwo Full Track Listing:

1. Melisandre
2. Shattered Pictures
3. My Place in the Stars
4. Spires
5. Along the Way
6. Blasphemous
7. Sabrina (I’ll Cover You)
8. Once, Inside a Dream
9. TenTimesTwo

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Celestivl - Tentimestwo (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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