EP Review: Cranely Gardens – House of Decay (Self Released)

Released on August 11th 2017 independently, House of Decay is the new EP from New Jesery deathcore band, Cranely Gardens.

Cranely Gardens 1

If you’re a fan of the likes of Fit for an Autopsy & Thy Art is Murder then you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. 7 tracks (including a short intro) long, House of Decay is brutality played right in your face. An EP that doesn’t want your submission, it wants you to see Hell in its eyes & stare right back into the void until you’ve lost yourself completely to it.

History of a Drowning Boy sets the bar very high instantly with ferocious vocals, gut-churning riffs & breakdowns heavy enough to crack skulls.

“I’m the devil…and I’m here to do the devil’s work”

The short but highly aggressive Seven Faces, a track filled with sharp blasts of drumming is a nice precursor to the fantastic Savages which somehow forces in even more fury into the hooks. The opening gang vocals being a particular highlight! All topped off with a blistering guitar solo…it’s at this moment it becomes clear that Cranley Gardens have dropped an EP that might actually surpass many of their contemporaries work!

As if you needed further proof of House of Decay’s excellence, Rapture gets the blood well & truly thumping with ear-splitting screechs & roars wrapped around some of the best riffs on the EP before Carry the Earth adds an exciting sinisterness to the background while simultaneously having a wickedly catchy chorus.

Wrapping up with one final aggressive blast that mixes the expected speed of the EP with a slower, almost doomy, vibe to end things very strongly.

Cranely Gardens 2

Cranley Gardens – House of Decay Full Track Listing:

1. Muswell Hill
2. History of a Drowning Boy
3. Seven Faces
4. Savages
5. Rapture
6. Carry the Earth
7. The Challenger

House of Decay is out now with digital copies & physical CD’s available via Bandcamp. You can also listen via Spotify & Apple Music (preview below). Find out much more about Cranely Gardens via their website, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube!


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Cranely Gardens - House of Decay (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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