Album Review: Hate Moon – The Imprisoning War (Folkvangr Records)

Folkvangr Records will release The Imprisoning War by Hate Moon on September 15th 2017. The album is notable as the label’s first exclusive release on compact disc.

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Historical & fantastical, this is an album filled with the epic sound of symphonic black metal. The Imprisoning War is a celebration of the members’ Norse-Gael culture. Building with the haunting intro of A Hero Awakens before erupting into an exciting black metal wall of noise on Golden Power.

It’s noticeable just how far forward the symphonic elements are, not so much sitting the background but running alongside the furious black metal. Not that it overshadows the ancient brutality in any way. Songs like The Seal is Broken, To Desolate Lands & Mountain of Death are energetic & soul-searching pieces of blackened metal.

As traditional as the riffings, vocals & drum beats are, the upbeat symphonic elements really make the difference. Glorious in its unwillingness to do anything but inspire & glorify an ancient time, this is symphonic black metal at its finest.

Whether it be a short intense blast like Storm the Gates or a lengthy tale of ancient times with The Skeleton Forest, Hate Moon keep the interest up with varied levels of fury & disgust. One of the highlights is the differing vocal styles. The sound of a demonic force but with different levels of tone, it’s unrelentingly evil & so good to listen too.

It’s with great sadness that The Imprisoning War comes to the a close with an oppressive but uplifting melody. Sanctuary sees things off in some style, bookending an album that can proudly call itself one of the best symphonic black metal releases of the year so far.

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Hate Moon – The Imprisoning War Full Track Listing:

1. A Hero Awakens
2. Golden Power
3. The Seal is Broken!
4. To Desolate Lands
5. Mountain of Death
6. Storm the Gates
7. The Skeleton Forest
8. Sanctuary

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp & keep up to date via Folkvangr’s Facebook Page.


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Hate Moon - The Imprisoning War (Folkvangr Records)
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