EP Review: Corrozion – Dark Lights (Self Released)

Released on June 2nd, 2023, Dark Lights is a 4-track EP from the French hard rock and metal band, Corrozion. Here, the band comes to probe the dark clarity of your soul with the powerful (Hypnotized) then incisive (Out of Time) and takes you to the edge of the abyss (When Death Decides for You) before insidiously investigating your nights (Sleepwalker).

Dripping in dark and evil sounding vibes, Corrozion provide an immersive listen with this new EP. Featuring four twisted tracks of dirty metal, groovy hard rock, and sparks of unadulterated intensity and melody. Instantly putting listeners into a trance-like state with the spiteful head-banger that is Hypnotised. It’s got crunchy sounding guitars and drums, with gruff vocals and touches of chilling melody.

Out of Time comes next and it’s a more anthemic listen, still with extremely heavy sounding instrumentation, but the vocals are cleaner, and the chorus is smoother. Before When Decides for You takes the mind back into shadowy depths, the Corrozion probing reaching its full power here as the melody-led rhythm sneaks right into the deepest recesses.

Although, their most powerful offering might be the finale, Sleepwalker. Mainly because it is the longest track on the EP, but also because it features some of the coldest melodies of all, and sees the band flare up in style when it’s time to get that bit heavier.

A strong EP that showcases a lot of variety and has a lot of accessibility.

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Corrozion – Dark Lights Track Listing:

1. Hypnotised
2. Out of Time
3. When Death Decides for You
4. Sleepwalker


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Corrozion – Dark Lights (Self Released)
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