EP Review: Coraxo – Luna (Snow Wave)

Coraxo can best be described as avant-garde hard rock mixed with elements of post-metal and black metal. Part instrumental and featuring an array of guest musicians, the 30-minute EP ‘Luna’ will be released on December 16th, 2022, via Snow Wave.

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Cinematically haunting with powerful expulsions of heaviness, Coraxo’s Luna is a deep and impactful journey. One that features an array of experimental ideas and utilises them to create something extremely unforgettable.

This is all made perfectly clear with the opening track, A Star Broken. As it’s melodic airiness descends into something harsher and darker as the track goes on. Guest vocalist, Elena Cor Tauri sounds particularly impressive here, and the bursts of saxophone from IIkka Ferm really highlights the experimental side of the band.

That opener will leave you feeling breathless, but it’s just the start.

Abyss comes next and has Coraxo descend into dark and uncomfortable places. Where post heaviness constricts, but haunting melody and eccentric saxophone use makes things feel wider and more open.

A short and atmospheric intermission (Black and Void) serves to freshen up the palette in anticipation for Dance of Shiva. Where the saxophone adds to a mellow and smoky start. This track transforming into something more egregiously heavy and cold as it goes on. A more blackened experience that is delivered instrumentally.

Continuing to showcase a ton of variety, The Cartographer is a moody, sonic heavyweight that has some delightful horn detail provided by Raúl Morán. Before wonderful melody, atmosphere, and an exceptional duel vocal performance (Emi Path and Aly Queen) makes Wolves of Valhalla a mesmerising finale.

No two tracks sound the same and even though it has only six tracks, the 30-minute runtime is exhaustive and detailed. Experimental and avant-garde, this is the mantra of Coraxo and the showcase of Luna.


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Coraxo - Luna (Snow Wave)
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