5 Best Multiplayer Esports Horror Games

Gamer fans are playing more electronic games worldwide. Usually, pros and casual players compete. And to add entertainment, they added betting, just like Betway Sports, the best online betting site. There are many categories to choose from, but horror is the most thrilling genre in esports. The horror genre has recently seen the addition of multiplayer options.

1. Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight falls into the action horror genre. There are five players, one hunter, and four innocent bystanders. You get to pick your role in a private server, but in a public server, the system chooses it randomly. The concept is essentially a giant game of hide-and-seek, except that one of you is a strong supernatural killer and the others are the easy prey.

While the killer uses their arsenal of entertainingly evil powers to track down their target, the rest of the players can only hope for the best. The prey should run, cover, and crouch through the round. It features disturbing visuals and music. Both teams must be able to predict each other’s actions if they want to win the game and fully use the map.

2. The Hunt: Showdown

The Hunt: Showdown is a horrifying co-op extraction shooter game. This game is a first-person shooter made by Crytek. It takes place in the Louisiana Bayou in 1895, where strange things are happening. 

The goal is to eliminate powerful bosses in order to take their “tokens.” However, killing one of these creatures will alert every other hunter team on the map. You and your friends must keep your prize safe until the banishment ritual is finished. With various cool weapons, you can fight nasty creatures and explore scary places from that time.

The developers also added a ton of downloadable content to the game. According to The Hunt: Showdown players, they enjoy the game with a small bet on which map they will be on. People have said that Hunt’s introduction of a small gambling system could be fun. In-game gambling is just for fun. It has nothing to do with real money or premium currency.

But if you want to gamble online, Betway is the key to the largest esports titles and events, and it lets you bet on them. Now is the time to put on waders, take a lever-action rifle, and head into those marshes for fame and wealth.

3. Depth 

If the thought of deep water or great white sharks gives you the jitters, then Depth is the perfect game to chill out in the sea of fear. Created by the talented folks at the Digital Confectioners, this competitive multiplayer experience is a nightmare of murky depths and swarming, deadly marine creatures. You may take on the role of a diver or a shark in this gloomy ocean environment.

The divers must escape with the loot they find, but they’ll have to do so while being pursued by the local deep-sea shark. You can play a team-based match by selecting the diver class and letting the computer-controlled monster do all the attacking. Depth is an experiment in fear below the waves, with physical destruction, a constant terror, and a broad range of leviathans to take for a swim.

4. V Rising

One of the best horror games about vampire survival is V Rising. To start the game, wake up in a casket after decades. Seeing how the world changes and exploring new areas in search of a home. And you can build an empire by competing with another superior vampire. 

The game aims to start your adventure as a vampire. You will meet zombies, magical creatures, bats, and vampires. Gain experience and resources by defeating them. To cast powerful spells, drink human and animal blood.

Build your castle by cutting trees, breaking rocks into stones, and gathering other materials. Try to build it in protected, less competitive areas. Make your castle stand out both inside and outside. Use your attractive abilities to persuade other players to do your bidding. Make a character and fight with other players with the approval of your peers to make huge dark armies.

Discover incredible skills and become a powerful vampire. Let loose your inner superpowers and your command of your abilities. Make a powerful vampire nation and defeat your enemies.

5. Deceit 

Baseline created and released the game Deceit, which name says it all. Like the Dead by Daylight, you and your companions are locked in a building with only one way out. And it’s up to you to solve the puzzles before you may leave. 

One of you is infected; the infected must consume the blood bags around the map to transform into a monster and wipe out the other players before they escape. You can find useful clues about the identity of the infected along the journey.

Play With Your Friends, and Survive Together!

The popularity of scary video games has been rising for some time. It’s fun to hide from a wicked ghost while exploring eerie landscapes. Playing as a survivor in a high-stakes position while shooting a horde of zombies or other monsters is exciting in a horror game. 

For some, the thrill of playing is worth the anxiety and anticipation it causes, while others can’t fathom the appeal. Having someone by your side, whether in the actual sense or the figurative sense, could be the answer for more thrilling playing horror games.


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