EP Review: Cold Summer – Fight To Survive (Self Released)

Cold Summer are a 4-piece post-hardcore band hailing from the sunny Isle of the UK, More specifically Leeds. They describe themselves as a post-hardcore band with a blend of energetic angst and raw passion stemming from their punk and hardcore roots.

This EP release has plenty of the above throughout its 6 track run starting with Bear Eats Wolf, a pissed off sounding song especially when the heavier vocals scream the word ‘down’.

It has plenty of bite, something that isn’t instantly obvious with A Time Imagination Forgot to Inspire. What must certainly be considered the ‘anthem’ of the EP, it’s a call to arms & the final 40-odd seconds where the pace is increased really show off those hardcore roots.

Car Crash (In Progress) has a nice catchy beat and guitar riff that can be best described as excitingly experimental (I had visions of Mastodon while concentrating on the guitars only). The heavier vocals play off the clean really well here and the mid-section that sees the shout (Shout to survive!) backed up by subtle bass and a simple drum beat will have the hairs standing up on the back of your neck. A fantastic song (the best on the EP in my opinion).

The intro to Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It) grabs your attention instantly and there are some really exciting things coming out of the guitars. It twists and shifts like a snake showcasing a whole heap of talent.

The final two songs Waiting and Something, Nothing, No-One end the EP strongly with the formers opening guitar riff blowing me away, when this band are in their stride the fury they expel is captivating stuff. While the latter continue the mind-bending guitar melodies found throughout.

Fight to Survive is a memorable EP from a band that are carving out a niche within the British metal market. Their inspirations are easy to see yet they have their own style that begs for multiple listens just to take in everything.

Overall Track List:

1. Bear Eats Wolf
2. A Time Imagination Forgot to Inspire
3. Car Crash (In Progress)
4. Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It)
5. Waiting
6. Something, Nothing, No-One

GBHBL would like to thank Cold Summer for providing us with the EP. You can check the band at here and on their Facebook page.


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Cold Summer - Fight To Survive (Self Released)
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