Album Review: Blackdeath – Phantasmhassgorie (Heidens Hart Records)

The legendary Russian black metal band, Blackdeath are originators of the scene with their debut coming as far back as 1998. It was a one and done for the band either as 2019 sees them release their 9th studio record, ‘Phantasmhassgorie’.

Keeping it simple, at least for black metal, Phantasmhassgorie is a conceptual album around hate. It will be released on February 4th 2019 via Heidens Hart Records.



There are very few surprises from Blackdeath on Phantasmhassgorie. It’s bleak, angry and fast old-school black metal. The sound of hate and disgust personified across 8 tracks but with a much better production job then we’re used to on records like this.

In fact this would arguably be a bit of a nothing album if it went for the usual messy and raw style we expect. It doesn’t so we get a much cleaner listen that accentuates the riffs and allows the excellent demonic vocals to shine.

There’s a bit more flair and imagination to Blackdeath which helps the often repetitive rhythms stand out a little better. This sees the likes of Hass aus dem Himmel and Der Engelhass sound all the more spiteful, desperate and hungry.

Blackdeath are considered to be one of the originators for a reason but it is nice to see them clearly still have the fire burning brightly inside. That being said, it’s not a massively interesting album and it’s neither changing or providing freshness to the black metal genre. It’s in a bubble of taking the traditional sound, giving it a modern shine and nothing more.

This doesn’t stop Hass in den Adern der Erde and Der Hass der Toten being enjoyable tracks though. It’s just as an album overall, it’s a bit forgettable.

Phantasmhassgorie 1

Blackdeath – Phantasmhassgorie Full Track Listing:

1. Hass aus dem Himmel
2. …ist Hass
3. Phantasmhassgorie
4. Der Engelhass
5. Gott ist mein Hass
6. Hass in den Adern der Erde
7. Durch den Wirbel des Hasses
8. Der Hass der Toten

The album can be ordered via Heidens Hart Records here and more information can be garnered via Blackdeath’s Facebook Page.


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Blackdeath - Phantasmhassgorie (Heidens Hart Records)
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